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adnamics is a cutting-edge, highly innovative AdTech company based in Berlin with servers hosted in Germany. We provide high-converting traffic, a one-on-one service, and we stand for fairness, transparency, and trust — all at no additional cost.

A networked and abstract globe

Together, we are creating a digital world where advertising is more relevant, more efficient, and more trustworthy.


Smart Publishing

The AI-supported smart publishing platform adnamics enhances and monetizes traffic through a combination of innovative technologies and tried-and-tested functions.

Highly Scalable Systems

The adnamics platform framework and our cloud-native approach ensure that our services can automatically adapt to emerging challenges at any time.

Big Data Hub

Through the consistent use of big data technologies, adnamics provides statistics, personalized evaluations, and tracking in real-time.

AI First

With our unique, AI-supported coverage approach, we can engage with users at a much earlier stage of their customer journey.

Benefits for PUBLISHER

Wide range of options

Gain access to a vast selection of advertisers with a single registration.

Real-time statistics

Track your converted traffic in real-time.

Premium conditions

Where others advertise, we deliver.

adMatic solutions

Our innovative, AI-supported tools are continuously optimized.

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Our blacklist protection, fraud filters, and fraud reporting guarantee transparency, proximity, trust, and fast access.

Intelligent campaigns

Smart algorithms ensure that products and services are displayed at the right time, in the right place, and to the right user.

Statistics in real-time

Monitor pre-defined KPIs and customizable metrics to analyze and optimize your campaigns at any time.


A personal consultant and our solution-oriented account management team provide you with the best possible support.

Benefits for Advertiser