More revenue for publishers via smart monetization

Publishers benefit from
Al-supported automation.

We are more than proud of our Made in Germany technology, developed by dedicated professionals. Numerous solutions such as adBox, adMatic and adDirect enable maximum monetization.

Our publishers and partners can simply focus on their content. As a result, we guarantee maximum automation and minimum effort.

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Benefits for adnamics Publishers

Simple registration

You avoid the hassle of numerous registrations, applications, and credit notes, including a control check.

Versatile campaigns

With a huge selection of advertisers, we offer the right campaign for every kind of traffic and content. Just one integration with our technology and the whole world of affiliate marketing is open to you.

Worldwide advertisers

We take you on a joint journey with international advertisers and online stores.

Transparent reporting

Stay on top of your business by tracking every single transaction.

Reliable payment

You will be remunerated monthly for all confirmed transactions.

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Intelligent ad solutions for your campaigns

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Automatically monetize existing links

adMatic automatically monetizes existing links without making any visual changes to the content. With over 100,000 active campaigns, we find the right partner program for almost any existing content link.

An additional highlight: adMatic also works with user-generated content.

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Turn keywords into a highlight

Our AI automatically selects the perfect keywords to use as affiliate links. This is based on statistically verified criteria and optimized using proven metrics such as eCPM and eCPC. Bloggers, publishers, and creators can thus automatically enhance their content and earn revenue through profitable affiliate links that also provide added value to the user.


Adboxes tailored to the content

Advertising that fits the content: Through intelligent content analysis, adBox displays ads that are genuinely relevant to the user.

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Shorten and personalize tracking links

With adShort, you can efficiently monetize social media posts for the most important platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, X, and TikTok.

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